January 16, 2023
Schoolgirl by Max Ferrigno

Max Ferrigno, (1977), is a pioneer of the contemporary New Pop artistic movement. The pop surrealist phase of the artist begins in the early 2000s: the cartoon characters, snacks and games of a generation become “active actors” in his works in a riot of bright, intense and dissonant colors. A language that seems intended for children is transforming and is actually aimed at adults.

In October 2022 he exhibited his last important collection in Milan “Schoolgirl”, at gallery Castello in Brera: a success that attracted the attention of many critics and fans of pop-surrealism. An explosion of intense and dissonant colors comes out of his canvases and portraits with large glossy eyes.

These are the recognizable signs of the new pop art of Max Ferrigno, known for mixing cinema, Japanese iconography and manga aesthetics that stylistically distinguish his works.


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