Ana Spasova’s New Trends in Printmaking

February 22, 2023

We would love to introduce the young printmaking artist, Ana Spasova, that has already participated in more than 40 individual and group exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad. She also works as an assistant at the Printmaking Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje.

We are most curious to find out how she manages to balance her everyday lectures as a single assistant in the printmaking department, while realizing two outstanding individual exhibitions.

P: What are the characteristics of the new tendencies that we immediately notice in your work and what inspired you?

A.S.: My drawings are produced in various media, ranging from collage to paper embossing and embroidery. I often like to play with materials and incorporate different levels of texture. The final result are small scale, minimal compositions with a limited color palette of neutral and/or light blue tones. I usually draw inspiration from personal experiences – emotions or thoughts, or stimulus from my surroundings.

P: We can see a very simple and pure expression of white and blue shades of color deepening into many layers of structure and meaning. Is the minimalist expression of sign-coded forms strongly associated with your authentic style?

A.S.:  The creative process is an opportunity for me to reflect, contemplate and communicate an idea with the viewer. Throughout this process I try to extract and bring to the surface the most essential aspects of a certain experience, while discarding the unnecessary and futile. I hope that my works have a soothing effect on the mind and give the viewer an opportunity to stop and reflect.

P: Lastly, we would like to know, what are your future plans in printmaking? Are there any new artists and trends that have had a strong influence on you recently?

A.S.: I would like to incorporate the traditional printmaking techniques in a more contemporary setting – the next goal for me would be to present the print as a part of a 3D object in space. I have always found inspiring the interdisciplinary practices – more precisely the intersection between visual arts and neuroscience – how the brain interprets visual data and generates new concepts, so this is definitely a field that I will keep on researching in the near future.

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