House of Ita @ Milano Design Week

April 15, 2023

HOUSE of ITA at Milano Design Week

We are excited to tell you that House of Ita will take part in Milan Design Week 2023 with the project Unconventional Design Plot.The project is curated by Maria Vittoria Paggini that will open the doors to her Ornella Nomad House, a gallery ‘particulier’ , located in the heart of the historic 5Vie District. 

Pioneri is proud to support House of Ita at Milan Design Week  and  invites you to visit her exhibition in Via Conca del Naviglio, 10, from Monday 17 April to Sunday 23 April, from 11:00 to 19:00.

Margarita (Ita) Aleksievska Sclavi, aka “House of Ita”, is a multimedia textile artist of North Macedonian origin. Following an interlude in the United States and England, Ita moved permanently to Rome, where she
handcrafted hand-painted tapestries and home textiles in limited editions, alongside collectible items of furniture. What distinguishes her work is the measured contamination of traditional and contemporary elements, in a game of union and contrasts. 

Ita breathes life into a delicately mysterious iconography, infused with a sense of unreality and surprise, which winks at surrealism and reveals influences ranging from Naïve Art to Magical Realism, from Russian Constructivism to Ornamentalism and mythology.
Ita’s creations, which honour her Macedonian roots and multicultural
background, are the result of a unique design style that arises from the encounter between East and West. The slight variations and slight
imperfections of each piece are a sign of their singular quality. Her
production intersects multiple levels and displays a complex and highly
expressive language. An eclectic style, to which the dualistic nature of her career contributes: in addition to her artistic vocation, Ita is also a practicing psychiatrist, convinced that both activities are a powerful means of fostering the narration of individual and collective experiences. 

Each House of Ita’s collection is a visual poem, a narration and reflection of the artist’s imaginary world. Entering the House is like stepping into Wonderland and embarking on an extraordinary journey of fantasy.

To get to know her work, please look at her latest tapestries catalog, or immerse yourself into her fantastic universe through the home décor collection.

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