Who is Neda?

Neda is hopeless day dreamer, the emotional type, a melancholic seeker for aesthetics, beauty and art.. Hedonist for what means perfectionism in her visual world. A  poet, a romantic.

For a person as I am, in order to survive what this “normal“ life brings.. I had to build my own utopia to get away from everyday absurd. A safe place to get in touch with myself, to allow my naïve inner child to play, to enjoy my melancholy, to appreciate the blessing to be alive, and to fulfill my soul and mind.

In the normal world, still Neda gets up every day for her day job, she has anxiety while standing in a queue in a bank, she hurries in the morning not to be late.. I work for the Directorate for protection of cultural heritage, as an architect. I love my job as well as I am truly loyal and connected with this subject.

Your brand “La Pluie” sounds completely romantic and nostalgic. Does it reflect a certain state of mind or it relates to the moody kind of weather and beautiful evocative rainy days in fall and spring?

Yes, it’s “the rain”.

It was a time I was going through accepting a loss – the rain, thunders, stormy weather made the only scenography that reflected this solitude of mine.. and made me feel calm and joyful. I still have this feeling about rainy days.

I took the French word, about everything that this language brings… ‘La Pluie’  has become my alter ego.

Years later I named my brand ‘La Pluie’.

Black and white stripes and dots on an off-white background are your main theme in upholstery fabrics as well as prints. It reminds us of dress and furniture design evolved during the French New Wave in the early 60s. What is the real story behind this well-crafted minimal design?

It is a good reference, j’ adore the French spirit, fashion and cinematography from the New Wave till today, so yes, I am most probably influenced.

I love to do a  journal –  to write, sketch and photograph as a way to note, explore or express some daily self-conclusions on paper.

Black and white stripes and dots on an off-white background are details from my digital notes as graphics and collages, from where I took just a detail and put it on the fabrics, to design home accessories, furniture, clothes.

Visually, it’s again the rain, materialized as dots and stripes. It is a reused pattern.

The restoration of vintage pieces of furniture, ‘La Pluie’ lamps and lights, as well as the ‘Chalise Lounge’ sofa, is a sought-after trend that gives a profound, subjective, and uniquely sophisticated note to home decoration. What is your motive and inspiration to bring these old pieces of furniture to life?

As an art lover, I have a small collection of old furniture, lamps, vintage clothes and shoes, that I keep as a small treasure. I worship the aesthetic visual language of almost every design’s era.  

So this idea to collage the time and styles, to transform them in a new form through my personal signature happen spontaneously.  For me it’s a perfect form to express my creativity and in the same time it is an activism against mass production, act of consciousness about what is going on in a global scale about consumerism, eco – system, global warming.  I believe, every one, as an individual, takes part in creating the collective consciousness, so this is the step I take towards creating it.

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