Pioneri Pop-Up in Barcelona

January 20, 2024

Proud to represent the talented abstract painter Mila Dobrevska in our next pop-up event that will take place in Barcelona on the 1st of February. This event will mark a month long temporary exhibition of Mila’s works.

The event is done in collaboration with Sibonei, a scented candle brand made in France,  food installation Jil Zander and natural wine Frequencia Vinos.
We shall start playing music at around 5pm and go until 9pm. 🥂🤸‍♀️🪂


Pioneri is a curatorial platform and gallery in Macedonia that aims to showcase and support emerging fine artists from the Balkan region and beyond. Our primary focus is on the often-overlooked market of emerging artists in the Balkans. We strive to curate a diverse selection of talented artists, promoting their work on a global scale and bringing attention to the vibrant contemporary art scene in the Balkans through exhibitions.

Mila Dobrevska is a contemporary visual artist who experiments with and combines the techniques of mosaic, painting, sculpture and tactile/textile materials. Her unique artistic expression, which fuses the expressive movements of the brush, the play of the colored surfaces and the arrangement of the mosaics, aims to capture and awaken the most profound human emotions. Her works represent an exploration of one’s soul and subconscious in its most intimate, personal state.

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