House of Ita x Milan’s 10 Corso Como

March 9, 2024

10 Corso Como is a renowned art and design concept store that has established itself as one of the most influential exhibition spaces in Milan. Under the ownership of Tiziana Fausti since 2020, the store is evolving and moving towards the future with a new vision.
Last month, during Milan Fashion Week, Corso Como 10 unveiled its Gallery and Project Room, featuring spaces redesigned by the interdisciplinary agency 2050+ .

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   The cultural segment of the redesigned 10 Corso Como concentrates on a concept of   “selective archaeology”, stripping away accumulated materials and elements to reveal the spaces’ original industrial aesthetics from the early 20th century.

In the curated exhibition of signature design pieces, ‘The Alchemy Plane’,   for the Project Room inauguration, Margarita Aleskievska Sclavi, also known as House of Ita, was chosen to participate among 10 innovative up-and-coming artists. The textile designer who hand-crafts the designs at the core of this collection has been studying iconographies and symbolic archetypes of Balkan origin for years, with byzantine and Medieval memories in her unique signs of great personalities.

Living in Rome and hailing from North Macedonia, Ita has made significant strides in today’s art scene. She was previously recognized as one of the top three artists at the Edit Napoli Fair, and showcased her work at Milano Design Week in Casa Ornella, which was acclaimed as one of the 10 the best exhibitions by Artribune.
‘The Alchemy Plane’ exhibition at 10 Corso Como is a part of the new cultural program, offering a compelling and innovative exploration of the connections between Fashion and Photography, Art and Design’, says Tiziana Fausti. In addition to Alchemy Plane exhibition in the Project Room, the first solo exhibition of the international artist, Roe Ethridge was on display in the gallery space, along with a rare retrospective on the jewelry of Italian Abstractionism master Pietro Consagra.

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