Ana Vchkova’s
Aesthetic Charm of the Early 20th Century

April 2, 2024

Ana Vchkova’s artistic focus is multimedia, working simultaneously in several mediums: painting, photography and graphic design. The combination of different techniques is the base of her artistic experiments whose ultimate goal is to convey the subject matter more authentically, creating a connection between the audience and the artwork.

 ‘Diverus’ is her first solo exhibition. 

‘Diversus’ is a celebration of female essence in all its diverse forms, a passionate exploration of raw, unfiltered being embodied by young women. Her mission is to unveil their authenticity, challenging societal norms and expectations.

‘To ensure comfort and empowerment, each girl brought clothing that made them feel confident and clothing that made them feel uncomfortable’, Anna says, – ‘often linked to unwarranted sexualisation’. These garments became powerful symbols in the visual narrative.

Each photo is unique, crafted with care on high-quality 300gr. textured paper. The prints are enhanced with oil paint and aquarelle, accentuating specific elements. This technique not only adds aesthetic charm but also echoes the voyeuristic, hand-colored photographs of the early 20th century, forging a meaningful connection to the past.

Ana Vchkova(1998) is a visual artist who has obtained a Bachelor’s degree in painting with scenography  from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje (UKIM).   
Ana has participated in several group exhibitions, among them, the Manchester Art Fair (2021), Skala (2022) , Pioneri (2024) … Diverus is her first solo exhibition. 


‘Ambrosia II’ and ‘Ambrosia III’ (Diversus) have been selected for the Pioneri collection, as part of the group exhibition ‘A Fancy Evening Affair.’ They are available for purchase at the following links:

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