Our Mission

Pioneri is bringing together emerging visual artists and art lovers from the Balkan region and beyond. It aims to provide necessities for the two groups to find and fulfill their artistic energy.

Our Vision

Pioneri, nestled in the heart of Skopje, serves as both a physical art gallery and a dynamic online platform. It embodies a lively public space, reflecting the essence of its time and surroundings. Here, we bring together the visionary creations of emerging fine and digital artists not only from the Balkans but also beyond. Our mission is to convey authentic messages rooted in the region, using novel art and beauty as a catalyst for change.

Our Goal

To promote the emerging artists from the Balkans to the global art scene and market. To disseminate their work as widely as possible and to display the artwork for sale thus drawing national and international attention to the Balkan contemporary art scene.

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