Plazarenje III (Beachin)

6,000.00 ден

Plazarenje III (Beachin)

Katja Shtrkova, 2022, Macedonia

Size: 40x50cm


printed on matte photo paper


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Katja Shtrkova Kochovska, a skilled graphic designer with a decade of experience under her belt, was born in Skopje back in 1989. Her artistic prowess has been showcased through two solo photo exhibitions – “Tributes” (2012) and “In Textures” (2016). And now she’s bringing us the third one! Titled “Beachin,” this exhibition captures the essence of everyday life by showcasing tranquil summer days spent at the beach over recent years.

The photos on display depict man’s peaceful existence amidst nature while enjoying all that water bodies have to offer. The freedom to be naked without fear or judgment is another theme explored within these works. It’s as if Katja wants you to forget about everything else going on out there somewhere far away and just focus solely on what truly matters – living your best life surrounded by serene beauty!


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 62 × 15 × 15 cm



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