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“Mirrors of Intimacy: Reflecting Human Connections”
Ana Spasova, 2024, North Macedonia
Size: 28x22cm

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Ana Spasova was born in 1996 in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. She received her BFA and
MFA in Printmaking with a subprogram in Conservation and Restoration from the Faculty of Fine Arts
in Skopje.

Her artistic practice is centered on traditional and experimental printmaking, drawing, photography
and mixed media. Her work explores the nature of the human psyche – the relationship between the
conscious and the subconscious and their visual manifestation in the artwork through signs and
She works as an Assistant at the Department of Printmaking and Transmedia practices at the Faculty
of Fine Arts in Skopje. She is a member of the Association of Artists of Macedonia since 2019.


“Mirrors of Intimacy: Reflecting Human Connections”

16 individual works / 28 x 22 cm each

The works delve into the theme of human connection, emphasizing the intrinsic
need for physical touch and the profound impact it holds in our lives, especially
poignant in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic’s restrictive measures.

Inspired by the cyclical blooming of an iris flower, the embossed pieces
symbolize the perpetual journey of personal evolution and transformation that
accompanies our lives.

Тhe mirror plates serve as a dual reminder: of the importance of self-reflection
in navigating life’s intricacies and its role in nurturing deeper connections with
both ourselves and those around us.
Just as mirrors reflect back images, they symbolize how individuals are
interconnected and influenced by others in society, emphasizing the profound
impact of self-awareness on the relationships we cultivate and the collective
human experience.


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